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2022 Australian Monitor and Box Championships Day 4

Congratulations to all athletes that competed on day 4 of the Australian Monitor and Box Championships.

Zoe Chester (Townsville North Superstar) competing within the U20 Triple Bounce. With rainy climate soaring round all day stipulations have been a ways from superb, however that didn’t forestall Zoe. Leaping 12.41m within the ultimate spherical to transport into the silver medal place.

Sharie Rainbow (Normanton Athletics) within the U16 200m Hurdles operating in a ways from superb stipulations with a time of 37.06 to position 8th in the second one warmth.

Taylah Atkins (Townsville North Superstar) within the U20 Triple Bounce, with horrible stipulations Taylah driven on to leap 11.13m to position 10th.

Paul Busch (Normanton Athletics) within the U15 Javelin, with a throw of 27.00m to position 14th.

Isabella Chester (Townsville North Superstar) within the U15 200m Hurdles operating 31.60 to position 4th in the second one warmth.

Levi Curtis (Longreach Athletics) within the U14 Discus. At his first ever nationwide championships Levi threw 19.01m to position 17th.

Tayah Ellwood (Emerald Athletics) within the U14 Discus throwing 21.59m to position 15th.

Katelyn McGee (Tempo Operating and Multisport) within the U15 800m ultimate operating 2:17.11 to position 5th general.



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