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Dunlop Srixon FX 500 LS: Assessment A Tough and Flexible Tennis Racket

This evaluation will proportion my ideas at the up to date Dunlop FX 500 LS designed for intermediate avid gamers eyeing competitive tennis play.

This style, weighing 285 grams when unstrung, strikes quicker than its larger brother, the FX 500, making it a tight selection for avid gamers operating to strengthen their tempo and spin.

Prior to enjoying with the LS, I reviewed the FX 500 Excursion and FX 500 fashions in general, and consistent with Dunlop, the LS is designed as a snappy, point-and-shoot choice for intermediate avid gamers on the upward push, offering a really feel that’s softer and extra arm-friendly.

I can scrutinise those claims and contours on this evaluation to look how nicely the racket plays.

Dunlop FX 500 LS Excursion Options & Cosmetics

fx 500 ls cosmetics

In its 2023 iteration, the FX 500 LS introduces a rather extra versatile beam. This variation ends up in a softer, extra arm-friendly reaction than the sooner model. It’s noteworthy that Dunlop additionally made changes to the grommet gadget, aiming to facilitate better power go back to the ball from the string mattress (learn: doable for extra energy).

Like the former model, the FX 500 LS comprises Sonic Core w/Infinergy on the higher hoop, aiming to melt the texture upon have an effect on. It additionally options what’s referred to as Energy Spice up Body Geometry. This combines a quick, aerodynamic profile with a broader throat house for balance.

The racket’s shaft additionally accommodates Flex Contact Resin that will increase flex and minimises vibration. A Energy Spice up Groove is below the grommet strip to toughen the tactile comments, selling extra vital string motion and snapback.

Additionally, the racket is aesthetically satisfying. All of the FX 500 sequence has a shocking look, with a mix of black and blue that by no means will get previous.

Specification and Setup

dunlop fx 500 ls specs

My FX 500 LS was once very with regards to the objective specifications, and I had it strung with MSV Swift at 21kg with 2 knots. 

  Dunlop Srixon FX 500 LS My Dunlop Srixon FX 500 LS
Head Dimension 100 inch / 645 cm 100 inch / 645 cm
Period 27 inch / 686 mm 27 inch / 686 mm
Unstrung Weight 285 g 285.4 g
Strung Weight 300 g 299 g
Stability 325 mm 325 mm
Swingweight 300  
Unstrung Stiffness 69  
Beam Width 23mm / 26 mm / 23 mm 23mm / 26 mm / 23 mm
Composition Sonic Core Infinergy / Graphite  Sonic Core Infinergy / Graphite 
Racket Colours Blue & Black Blue & Black
Grip Sort Dunlop Artificial Dunlop Artificial – #2
String Trend 16 Mains / 19 Crosses 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
String Pressure 20 – 29 kg 21kg (with MSV Swift)

Dunlop FX 500 LS Playtest

dunlop fx 500 ls playtest

First Impressions

As an skilled tennis participant who has performed school tennis numerous hours every week, I’ve turn out to be aware of the usage of heavier and extra tough rackets, which provide very good balance and keep watch over all through gameplay.

Therefore, I used to be to start with sceptical when checking out the Dunlop FX 500 LS, with its 285-gram weight.

On the other hand, once I picked up the racket, I used to be pleasantly stunned via its cast and manoeuvrable really feel.

I straight away recognised that Dunlop had considerably complex its new dampening generation, which they have got carried out throughout all the FX sequence.

Regardless of the racket’s light-weight design, it presented a degree of balance and precision that I had no longer expected. On the other hand, I additionally spotted that I will have used slightly further “punch” on all my topspin and flat pictures.


After working towards groundstrokes with FX 500 LS, I will verify that my first impact of the racket was once spot on.

I discovered it difficult to execute a constant heavy topspin forehand the usage of this racket because of its light-weight development.

Because of this, I had to make use of numerous bodily power to go back a aggressive ball, which is extenuating ultimately.

Additionally, as soon as my opponent/follow spouse picked up the rally tempo, the racket struggled to reply forcefully when going through heavy pictures and started to shake on affects.

To mend the issue, I attempted to scale back reliance on merely leaning on my opponent’s shot to stay the ball in play and in all probability use his tempo in opposition to him.

On the other hand, this avoided me from construction the purpose from the baseline with heavy topspin and adjustments in pace, like I in most cases do.

Thus, my most effective probability to win some issues all through the follow tiebreakers was once to stay the ball in play for so long as imaginable with out being driven again or seeking to opt for winners.

Regardless of the difficulties I encountered on my forehand, I discovered the racket’s efficiency fulfilling on my backhand.

I take advantage of my one-handed backhand to thieve the opponent’s time with flat, fast, on-the-rise pictures, alternated with chipped pictures and occasional slices.

Because of this, I respect a manoeuvrable racket that I will temporarily transfer throughout the air. Dunlop FX 500 LS could be very manoeuvrable, making it appropriate for my best backhand.

On the other hand, I needed to stay my ft within/at the baseline to verify a a hit backhand.

After I were given driven in the back of the baseline, I may just no longer switch sufficient weight at the ball to forestall my opponent from taking the lead of the purpose. for topspin backhands, chip returns, and underspin groundstrokes.

Its design enabled me to simply place the racket head below the ball and force it powerfully throughout the court docket. The five hundred LS is famend for its precision, and I witnessed this firsthand once I accomplished a “V” formed backhand development with a crosscourt shot adopted via a down-the-line shot.


Rallying from the baseline, I had already spotted FX 500 LS’s talent to hit actual backspin pictures. Because of this, I used to be curious to look what it will be offering on volleys.

In the beginning, I skilled some instability when making an attempt volleys, specifically in opposition to high-speed pictures.

Nevertheless, being used to the light-weight racket most effective took a couple of mins and changing into extra comfy on the web.

After I were given comfy, I may just benefit from the racket’s excellent contact and precision. Because of its manoeuvrability, I may just position deep volleys effectively and transfer the set to my place.

However, I struggled to seek out the standard firmness and crispness that I’d really feel with many different rackets appropriate for complex avid gamers.

Because of this, I imagine that FX 500 LS is extra appropriate for newbie or intermediate-level web avid gamers who may just respect its fast response contact that allows them to stay the ball in play persistently.

fx 500 ls racket


In the beginning, because of its light-weight design, I struggled with timing my serve the usage of the FX 500 LS racket. I hit the web steadily as a result of I used to be making touch with the ball too early.

On the other hand, after a couple of mins, I were given used to the burden, and I used to be ready to swing the racket throughout the air without problems.

Because of its manoeuvrability, it was simple to hit spin serves and kick serves persistently, even supposing I may just no longer make my kick serve soar as excessive as I’d have favored.

In the meantime, I used to be no longer proud of the end result of a flat serve. After I attempted to hit speedy and strong flat serves, I spotted that the ball would succeed in the opposite court docket with minimal weight, permitting the returner to distinction it and redirect the go back clear of me temporarily. Because of this, I established that I’d have had a greater probability to win issues with FX 500 LS if I began via hitting low-slice serves. 


I used to be inspired with the Dunlop FX 500 LS’s manoeuvrability on returns. Its light-weight body made it simple to transport into place and react to incoming pictures temporarily. I felt assured and in keep watch over whilst returning, even supposing I felt the racket vibrate an excessive amount of on quicker serves.

Additionally, I’d have most well-liked the racket to supply extra energy when returning weaker 2nd serves since I really like beginning issues via attacking the serve and pushing again my opponent from the primary shot.

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Who’s This Racket For?

dunlop fx 500 ls racket

The Dunlop FX 500 LS racket is a wonderful choice for newbie to intermediate avid gamers in search of a light-weight racket that delivers truthful energy and affordable keep watch over.

Its manoeuvrability and spin-friendly options make it well-suited for constant baseline avid gamers who love to generate tempo and spin with their groundstrokes.

Gamers who depend on their serves and wish to strengthen their consistency and spin will even respect this racket.

Total, the Dunlop FX 500 LS is a flexible choice that may get advantages many avid gamers, from the ones taking a look to take their sport to the following point to seasoned veterans in search of a appearing and arm-friendly device to carry their talents at the court docket.


  • Very manoeuvrable
  • Spin pleasant
  • Simple to play with


  • Lacks balance
  • Will likely be overpowered up in opposition to heavier balls

Energy – 7

Keep an eye on – 8.5

Manoeuvrability – 9

Balance – 7

Convenience – 8

Contact/Really feel – 8.5

Serves – 8

Groundstrokes – 8

Slice – 8.5

Volleys – 8.5

Returns – 9



Intermediate-friendly, light-weight, arm-friendly, manoeuvrable, with affordable energy and keep watch over.


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