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How To Do 100 Push Ups In A Row (0 To 100 In 2 Weeks)

96… 97… 98… 99… …

BOOM! Crashing to the ground like Superman on Kryptonite.

For weeks, I had ready for this second… So you’ll be able to believe the discontentment after I got here up one rep wanting the objective…

See, for no matter reason why, I had all the time had the objective to do 100 push-ups in a row.

After failing miserably on my first strive, doing simply 71 push-ups immediately, I knew I had some paintings to do.

I had to get started a exercise regimen that will enhance my chest muscle tissues and triceps so I may enhance my higher frame power.

Now prior to I introduce you to the push-up coaching program I used to reach my objective, you will have to perceive one thing:

Regardless of the place you might be at this time within the “push-up sport,” you’ll be able to use the insights discovered in this web page to double and even triple your push-up totals.

My Adventure to 100 Pushups in a Row

After I did the ones 71 immediately push-ups, I had already been doing push-up coaching for slightly a while.

Nevertheless it wasn’t till I used the straightforward techniques in this system underneath that I began seeing development and doing extra push-ups in no time.

And now, you’ll be able to do the very same factor and achieve the objective of doing 100 push-ups in a row.

After doing the ones 71 immediately push-ups, I devised a plan that will permit me to start out doing extra pushups on a weekly foundation with out burning out.

Let me ask you one thing…

Are you acquainted with the word, “apply makes absolute best?” Neatly, that’s the means that I took.

After spending time researching (and from non-public enjoy), I knew that it wasn’t a large drawback to do push-ups quite a lot of occasions every week.

Extra steadily than now not, when folks wish to build up what number of push-ups they may be able to do, a large mistake they make isn’t doing them sufficient.

Push-ups aren’t what I name a “giant” workout like bench press, squats, deadlifts, and so forth.

You’ll upload them a couple of occasions extra every week on your standard exercise regimen with out a drawback.

In fact, you do wish to make sure to concentrate on your frame.

In case you are overly sore or really feel fatigued, it’s more than likely easiest to take an afternoon or two to recuperate to be able to come again more potent and contemporary.

As you’ll see underneath, we position in strategic relaxation days in order that your frame can recuperate, develop, and get more potent.

Going again to the tale from the start…

There I used to be at the 99th rep for push-ups… It will be superb to put in writing this to you telling you that I driven thru and reached 100 reps on that 2d strive…

But, on rep 100… My fingers simply gave out, as though they had been announcing, “Dennis, this is sufficient.

You realize the sensation proper?

Even though I used to be upset in now not finishing that ultimate repetition, I went again and regarded on the stats over the former two weeks.

In all, I had greater my max pushups from 71 reps to 99 reps.

That’s 28 extra reps. Now not dangerous for simply 2-weeks.

And it was once simply days later after I sooner or later ready to reach 100 push-ups in a row.

Actually, the general depend on that 3rd take a look at was once 104 immediately.

So how the heck was once I ready to try this and the way are you able to do the similar?

The plan that you are going to in finding underneath may be very easy and to the purpose.

And as we mentioned previous, “apply makes absolute best” when seeking to dominate pushups.

For those who suppose you’re ready to start out dominating YOUR pushups, let’s dive in…

How You Can Get 100 Push-Ups In A Row?

100 pushups in a row

Step One: Take a look at Day

In fact, prior to beginning, you’ll want to take a look at your pushup power so you’ll be able to have a measuring stick while you retest 2-weeks from now.

All you want to do for that is do as many push-ups as conceivable with right kind shape.

That ultimate phase is VERY essential.

You need to just remember to care for right kind shape during your overall choice of pushups.

If you are feeling that your shape is slipping, then prevent.

As I really like to mention, “It’s higher to do 25 absolute best shape pushups than 50 sloppy pushups.”

Ultimately, having just right shape for fewer reps will receive advantages you extra.

So, what number of pushups had been you ready to do?

Write that quantity down: _______________________. (As an example functions, we will be able to use the choice of 50 immediately pushups.)

After getting your pushup overall, you’ll then transfer to step quantity two.

Step Two: Objective Quantity (what number of push-ups do you wish to have to do?)

Step two is the place we’re going to decide YOUR objective pushup quantity that you are going to be doing over the following 2-weeks.

What you’ll do is take your overall choice of pushups from the first step and multiply that via 5.

As an example, since our instance quantity is 50 immediately pushups, our equation would seem like this:

50 Pushups X 5 = 250 pushups

What was once your quantity? Write it down: ____________________________.

Be aware: In case your pushup overall is over 50 repetitions in a row, your pushups will include doing 250-300 reps MAX on your exercise regimen.

As an example, although your max rep was once 70 pushups for your take a look at day, you’ll NOT be doing greater than 300 reps on your exercise.

As an alternative, you’ll do 250-300 in as few units as conceivable (see step 3).

Step 3: Other Day, Other Methodology

Now that you’ve got your objective pushup quantity for the following two weeks, it’s time to head over learn how to use that quantity.

Over the following 2-weeks, you’re going to cycle thru 3 other forms of days:

  1. Max Push
  2. Sporadic Push
  3. Relaxation

Let me give an explanation for what every day is:

Max Rep:

Max rep days are the times that you are going to be coaching to failure on every set.

*Your objective is understated: To finish all 250 pushups (or no matter your quantity is) in as few units as conceivable.

In between units, be at liberty to take a just right relaxation to be able to recuperate and move exhausting for your last units. An instance of a Max Rep day would seem like this:

Set 1: 50
Set 2: 44
Set 3: 38
Set 4: 36
Set 5: 30
Set 6: 30
Set 7: 22

So on this instance, it took us 7 units to get us to 250 pushups. Your objective would then be to overcome the ones numbers the following time you probably did a Max Push day.

Take note, we’re all the time on the lookout for some more or less development.

Subsequent up, we’ve our sporadic push days.

Sporadic Push:

Frivolously unfold out your pushups during the day to finish them. You might be NOT coaching to failure.

You’ll name nowadays your “at ease” pushup days. All you want to do is solely get your pushups carried out during the day.

As an example, it’s essential to do 100 reps within the morning, 50 for your lunch spoil, and 100 while you get house.

You’ll do units of 25 or 30 or no matter you wish to have. Merely get all 250 carried out. Once more, you might be NOT coaching to failure on nowadays.

Relaxation Day:

In spite of everything, we’ve our relaxation days. And I feel you’ll be able to wager what this will probably be.

Take at the present time to recuperate and let your frame relaxation. Don’t do any more or less higher frame workout routines in this relaxation day.

Now that we have got lined the other days that you are going to be doing in this plan, let’s temporarily quilt how you’re going to cycle them.

If you realize anything else about me, I really like maintaining issues easy. That’s why all you’ll do is “rinse and repeat” with the 3 other days that we lined. This implies:

Day 1: Max Rep
Day 2: Sporadic Push
Day 3: Relaxation


Lovely easy, proper?

After day quantity 12 (which is a relaxation day), you’ll take every other day relaxation on day 13 then take your pushup retest on day 14.

For those who apply this straightforward structure, you’ll be amazed at how simple it’s to extend your pushup totals in simply 2-weeks time.

marine doing push ups

Write Your Numbers In The Feedback Phase Beneath

For many who are severe, I like to recommend repeating 3 2-week cycles to be able to in point of fact see how a lot development you’ll be able to make.

Having the objective of doubling or tripling your pushups or doing 50 or 100 immediately, is an effective way to stay you centered and motivated for your workout routines.

And what’s nice about this plan is that you’ll be able to upload it to any exercise program you might be lately on.

No wish to drop the whole thing and simply do that. Actually, I beg you so as to add this on your present workout routines.

Do your self a desire and take your pushup take a look at lately, then put up your numbers within the feedback segment underneath. Then in 2-weeks, come again and proportion with us all of the development you made.

Push-ups are a great workout on your chest, shoulders, fingers, and core. However you wish to have to make sure to keep balanced.

Listed below are some very difficult body weight again workout routines to assist spherical out your regimen.

Bonus Push Up Workouts For You to Take a look at:

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

What Will A 100 Push Ups A Day do?

Doing 100 push ups an afternoon would enhance your skill to accomplish pushing workout routines in addition to construct power, muscle, and mass for your chest, triceps, and shoulders.

Now not best will you achieve extra power and definition in the ones muscle teams, however you’ll be bettering your total pushing movement. This may will let you transfer directly to tougher progressions of pushing workout routines inside of calisthenics.

Are 100 Push Ups A Day Imaginable?

Sure, it’s conceivable to do 100 push ups an afternoon as it best takes a couple of mins or as a way to do it alternatively it takes apply, making plans, and determination to in reality have the ability to do 100 push ups in a row, first of all.

Must you do 100 pushups an afternoon?

Whether or not you must do 100 push ups an afternoon depends upon your health stage and the way tough it’s so that you can entire 100 push ups in a row.

You’ll additionally select to do 100 push ups inside of more than one units, which technically would nonetheless be 100 push ups an afternoon.

Typically, there is not any drawback with doing 100 push ups an afternoon alternatively it could be extra advisable to make sure to are operating your complete frame so that you don’t develop disproportionately.

What number of energy do 100 pushups burn?

You’ll burn about 150 to 200 energy via doing 100 push-ups. The variables are your weight and what number of units it takes.

By way of doing 100 push ups in a row you’ll burn much more energy than if you happen to spoil it up into fewer reps consistent with set.

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