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Mobility Bands: Advantages and The way to Use

Mobility bands (just like the VooDoo Floss Band) are gaining in recognition as a self-treatment software specifically a number of the athletic inhabitants. There are lots of manufacturers production mobility or floss bands with maximum of them being very identical. Maximum mobility bands make the most of a protracted piece of thicker elastic latex rubber to compress tissue in or round various places. Different manufacturers (just like the CTM Band) have made inventions to the extra conventional taste band which permits for a extra competitive mobilization into the comfortable tissue. (“CTM” stands for compression, pressure, and motion.)

Explanation why you could make a selection to make use of a mobility band come with:

  • Ache modulation.
  • Lower myofascial sort ache from muscle spasms and cause issues.
  • To enhance vary of movement of a selected joint or tissue.
  • To lower edema and swelling.
  • To scale back blood drift as a part of a exercise technique similar to blood drift restriction (BFR) coaching.
  • To enhance blood drift as a part of a remedy OR as restoration/rehabilitation technique so as to scale back edema or swelling in an injured house.

In the event you be afflicted by any type of blood clotting dysfunction or are on blood thinning drugs, I might advise towards using mobility bands for any form of deep compression.

At the moment, there are few analysis research at the effectiveness and efficacy of using mobility bands. On the other hand, there’s numerous antidotal proof together with my very own.

What we all know from the present analysis is that “flossing” seems to have probably the most have an effect on on ankle mobility and function. Specifically, temporary will increase in ankle dorsiflexion mobility will have certain results on actions (similar to squatting and single-leg bounce efficiency) and scale back ankle ache.

Provide research investigating the impact of flossing at the shoulder and elbow joints are but to turn important enhancements in mobility or energy. On the other hand, will increase in elbow mobility have been famous in tennis avid gamers that had an present mobility restriction.

The precise mechanism of motion on how and why mobility bands paintings continues to be below debate. The overall feeling is that relying at the supposed use of the mobility bands, there are possibly a couple of mechanisms of movements. A number of of the mechanisms are most probably being emphasised to supply the required impact. My concept is that there are 3 main techniques affected when using mobility bands: move (blood drift); fascial (mobilization); and neuromodulation (advanced vary of movement thru a fearful gadget reaction).

Blood Drift

Blood drift is affected as a result of the volume of compression supplied via the mobility band. An instantaneous impact at the tissues will happen. This occurs when the mobility band is implemented (limiting the blood drift), and when it’s taken off (making an allowance for a hurry of blood to the realm).

This may have two certain, but other results: to lower swelling and to reason vitamins to be brought to the affected tissues. If the mobility band is used over an edematous (swollen) house, then the mechanical compression from the mobility band can assist to lower the swelling. To support the results of the compression, all one should do is time and again transfer the compressed house thru a standard vary of movement. This combines the frame’s herbal muscle pump with mechanical compression whilst extra swelling possibly eradicated. It is a brief time period impact because the mobility band must handiest be implemented for 60-90 seconds at a time. (This method may not be appropriate for extremely edematous spaces or those that be afflicted by lymphedema.)

Because the mobility band is got rid of, the frame’s rapid response is to revive blood drift which is able to reason hyper perfusion of the tissues. This expectantly will reason further vitamins to be delivered by means of blood drift into the affected tissues.

Fascial Mobilization

Any other idea on how mobility bands paintings is by means of fascial shearing. By means of including a compression drive to a tissue after which sliding it backward and forward, one creates one of those “tack and floss” movement that turns out to impact comfortable tissue and fascia. That is successfully one way of self-fascial mobilization.

Compressing muscle teams and taking them thru their vary of movement creates a flossing impact (which is the place the time period VooDoo flossing got here from) between person muscular tissues. Compressing the fascia whilst flossing the tissues (via transferring the extremity backward and forward) would possibly get a divorce adhesions within the fascia that exist. This may occasionally permit for higher vary of movement and motion whilst lowering ache via addressing myofascial restrictions.

The CTM Band has taken this idea and added small rubber knobs throughout the band to extend the depth of the flossing. Relying on how the knobs at the band are situated, this creates a extra pin level tack and floss state of affairs. This actual band may also be extremely efficient for muscle teams within the calf, quadriceps, and hamstring house. Use code MTA15 for a fifteen% bargain. (CTM Band ways don’t seem to be most often carried out all over the intense stages of restoration. They’re extra for prevention /pre-hab or for use all over the sub-acute or power stages all over rehabilitation/restoration.)

At the side of the tack and floss idea and relying on the place the mobility bands is positioned (like over a knee or ankle joint); one would possibly produce a vital sufficient compression drive over a joint with the mobility band that it creates a distraction drive. This may occasionally create further room within the joint tablet. Mobilizing a joint with the VooDoo Floss Band lets in that exact joint’s complete vary of movement (with out restrictions). On this case, there’s a real mechanical drive affecting tissue duration and/or mobility. This can have a mechanical “mobilizing” impact if the tablet used to be tight, however it may be affecting joint mechanoreceptors (neuromodulation).


By means of positioning the mobility band over a joint to reason a distraction drive over the joint and throughout the tablet, thereby lets in for advanced alignment and freedom of movement throughout the joint. This may have a neuromodulation impact over the joint which permits for advanced vary of movement. Even though this is a mechanical alternate, it will also be a neuromuscular alternate the place joint mechanoreceptors are activated in a favorable approach. This may help you extra freely make the most of the extremity that you simply implemented the mobility band to. Neuromodulation will also be completed simply during the distinctive stimulation led to via the band activating neuromechanoreceptors. The mobility band most probably has a couple of results immediately; extra analysis must be performed.

The way to Use a Mobility Band

When the use of a mobility band, you normally wrap it towards your middle. The objective is to create a big compression drive across the limited joint or tissue. To succeed in this, wrap the mobility band beginning 2-3 inches under the realm you need to regard. Purpose to complete wrapping about the similar distance above the remedy location. Whilst wrapping, overlap about part the width of the mobility band. For mobility, a stretch of round 50-75 % may also be implemented to the mobility band on the house you’re treating. In case you have any leftover band, further compression may also be implemented via making an “X” over the remedy house.

As soon as the mobility band has been implemented, you’ll be able to take a look at transferring into the location inflicting restriction or via transferring the joint or limb in all conceivable instructions. There are tips for a way lengthy to stay the mobility band on. A common rule is to try for round 1-2 mins.

The appliance of the mobility band goes to compress the underlying tissues. On the other hand, care should be taken not to over compress or injure tissues. Discontinue use when you start to really feel the next:

  • You start to really feel numbness or pins and needles (a sensation of uncomfortable tingling or prickling).
  • You all at once really feel claustrophobic.
  • You’re dropping volitional keep an eye on of the extremity.
  • You’re experiencing higher ache or instability inside of a joint.

The mobility band must handiest be implemented at the extremities. It must now not be implemented over your trunk house or any acute accidents together with fracture websites, blood clots, wounds or any tissue spaces that can be extraordinarily delicate to compression. Don’t make the most of you probably have any scientific reason why to not make the most of this method. Commonplace sense must at all times be applied when the use of mobility bands as a remedy modality. In the event you’re now not positive, then please discuss to a scientific practitioner previous to usage. In the event you be afflicted by any type of blood clotting dysfunction or are on blood thinning drugs, I might advise towards using mobility bands for any form of deep compression.

Extra explicit directions and examples on how you can and why you could wish to make the most of a mobility band as a part of a rehabilitation protocol (and even simply to help in restoration after longer runs) are lined within the Resilient Runner Program, which is designed to assist YOU meet YOUR coaching targets via insuring you could have the gear to steer clear of damage, recuperate temporarily, and teach at a height degree.

What’s Throughout the Resilient Runner Program:

  • Steerage on combating and self-treating commonplace working similar accidents, together with Hip Flexor Ache, Runner’s Knee, IT Band Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, and extra!
  • Explicit tips on when and the way to go back to working after experiencing an damage.
  • Rehabilitation guides with step by step footage demonstrating beneficial workout routines.
  • Step by step directions on how you can practice Kinesiological tape.
  • Downloadable podcasts, movies, and extra!

In the event you’re bored with ongoing aches, pains, and accidents, learn to grow to be a resilient runner in an effort to proceed to coach and compete so as to meet your targets!




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