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Shoulders Over the Bar – Women Who Powerlift

Deadlift Cue: Shoulders Over the Bar

Our shoulder place within the deadlift has a tendency to do dictate the place our hips are. In case your hips are off, the entirety else shall be too.

If our shoulders are too some distance in entrance of the bar, the bar gets clear of us, our knees will shift ahead, our hips shall be upper than they will have to be, & our again will have a tendency to spherical. This makes for an excessively useless pulling place & a fair rougher lockout. 

If our shoulders are too some distance in the back of the bar, our deadlift will temporarily glance extra like a squat with the hips sinking too low, and steadiness shall be a subject matter. 

You’ll be able to see within the left photograph, my shoulders are too some distance in entrance of the bar, my hips are upper, and my again is beginning to take lots of the weight prior to even beginning the pull. 

At the proper, my whole frame is stacked similarly. Distributing load between my knees, again, and hip extensors, permitting me to create maximal vertical power in the course of the ground.

If I will see my athletes are suffering with this, normally the very first thing I’ll have them do is stand just a little nearer to the bar, & stay their shins vertical all of the time. 

From there, it’s an issue of follow, repetition, & increase any conceivable susceptible spaces. 

Everybody’s setup & beginning place will range somewhat because of other limb lengths, however this normal cue could make the entire distinction. 

In case your deadlift is feeling humorous, I’d counsel recording your lifts from the aspect & drawing a instantly line between your shoulders & the ground to test your get started place.



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