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Taping for Posterior Tibialis Tendon Disorder (PTTD)

Pain alongside the interior (medial) portion of your ankle is incessantly because of Posterior Tibialis Tendon Disorder (PTTD), sometimes called posterior tibial tendon syndrome or tibialis posterior syndrome, and it may be very tough to regard.

The posterior tibialis muscle is a in particular vital muscle in runners as it’s utilized in plantar flexing the ankle (pointing the ankle/ft downward) and inverting the ankle (rolling it inward).  Extra importantly, its position is to enhance the arch of the foot. Harm to this muscle is not unusual in runners in addition to those that play sports activities involving top foot have an effect on equivalent to basketball. It may be related to a fall or can normally increase time beyond regulation relying for your chance elements and the stress your foot has taken. (Please discuss with 9 Tricks to Self-Deal with Posterior Tibialis Ache.)

On this video, I show a taping method for supporting the arch and the ground of the foot for the ones affected by PTTD. (I like to recommend the use of KT TAPE.)


PTTD maximum often begins out as an over use damage. Despite the fact that extra not unusual in runners and those that are interested in top have an effect on sports activities, this situation can impact somebody. If the situation is left untreated, the result is typically a falling of the arch which reasons grownup obtained flatfoot. When this situation is stuck early, it may be self-treated. As soon as the arch has fallen, surgical procedure would perhaps be indicated.

When you’re eager about extra thorough information together with different movies on how one can self-treat decrease extremity accidents and ache like PTTD, take a look at the Resilient Runner Program. That is the very best information that will help you take keep watch over of your well being and health in addition to self-manage not unusual aches, pains, and accidents. Even supposing you’re now not a runner, this program is acceptable for individuals who love to stick lively and wish to experience a wholesome way of life.

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