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The Easiest Mycotoxin Take a look at – Final Mycotoxin Checking out Information

Have you ever been suffering with signs of debilitating fatigue, persistent congestion, hormonal imbalances, allergy-like signs, mind fog, and/or persistent intestine problems? 

A mycotoxin check is also the lacking hyperlink for your well being adventure.

Folks can spend months and years spinning their wheels on restrictive diets, inexperienced juice detoxes, fancy checks, and dear complement protocols most effective to seek out themselves with little to no exchange in signs. Fingers within the air should you fall into this fortunate brunch!

Agree with us, we’ve been there and understand how irritating it could actually really feel to assume you’re “doing the entire proper issues” regardless of feeling like junk day in and time out. 

If you’re feeling such as you fall into this class, environmental toxins akin to mildew publicity are a imaginable reason for worry, which is the place mycotoxin trying out comes into play.

So, what the heck is a mycotoxin check?

Keep tuned as a result of lately, we will be able to dive deep into answering that burning query in addition to others, like what’s the highest mycotoxin check? How you can check mycotoxins? And what does mildew toxicity really feel like? 

That is what should be blamed for Michael & Kylene unwell of their former townhome!

What are Mycotoxins?

First, let’s briefly overview what mildew and mycotoxin trying out is.

Mycotoxins are poisonous compounds produced by means of sure varieties of fungi and mould, akin to Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, and Penicillium, that may contaminate vegetation, automobiles, animal feed, and meals. People also are regularly uncovered to mycotoxins thru infected air in outdated, water-damaged constructions the place mildew grows. 

So, the mould isn’t essentially the issue however moderately the poisonous chemical compounds that the mould provides off. AKA mycotoxins! 

The worldwide well being worry for those compounds is rising because of their systemic adversarial well being results, which is the most important making an allowance for individuals are struggling silently international and ceaselessly no longer given the time of day by means of typical scientific practitioners.  

So why do a mycotoxin check? Mycotoxin publicity may end up in immune, emotional, and cognitive disorder and different signs of malady, ache, fatigue, greater anxiousness, despair, and different persistent problems.[2] 

Now not most effective do you no longer need to care for those signs, however long-term an infection of those poisonous elements within the frame might also result in the improvement of persistent well being stipulations akin to Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Illness.[3] 

Are you questioning what mildew toxicity appears like?

Let’s dive deeper into the indicators and signs that top mycotoxins may well be a subject for you. 

What are the Signs of Top Mycotoxins?

With regards to mildew toxicity, signs range extensively according to components akin to the kind of mycotoxin, the person’s sensitivity, and genetic talent to detoxify.

One thing else to imagine is how lengthy mycotoxins are within the frame for the reason that longer the publicity is, the more serious the indications might be and the upper chance one has for creating underlying well being stipulations. 

Commonplace signs related to top mycotoxin publicity might come with the next.[4] 

Breathing Signs:

  • Coughing
  • Submit nasal drip or mucus within the throat
  • Sneezing
  • Runny or congested nostril
  • Throat inflammation
  • Shortness of breath, even with easy daily actions

Allergic Reactions:

  • Pores and skin rash or hives
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Pink, annoyed pores and skin
  • Nasal congestion


  • Complications and migraines 
  • Fatigue
  • Mind fog
  • Issue concentrating
  • Reminiscence issues
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness

Gastrointestinal Signs:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Power bloating and gasoline 
  • Power belly ache or discomfort

Different Signs:

  • Muscle aches
  • Joint ache
  • Temper adjustments (i.e., despair, anxiousness)
  • Sensitivity to odors or chemical compounds
  • Hormonal imbalances akin to heavy and painful menstrual cycles
  • Suppressed immune gadget [5] 

Sound such as you? A mycotoxin check may well be your next step for your well being adventure.

It’s necessary to emphasise that those signs don’t seem to be explicit to mycotoxin publicity and will also be brought about by means of quite a lot of different components, akin to allergic reactions, infections, different environmental contaminants, or unknown imbalances, which is the place the usage of the most productive mycotoxin check can ascertain or rule out the cause of those signs. 

It’s additionally the most important to remember that signs range from individual to individual. One particular person might most effective care for nasal congestion and mould complications, whilst someone else might enjoy debilitating fatigue, muscular ache and disorder, and anxiousness/despair at the day by day. 

Now not so amusing, huh? No… 

Coping with signs of mycotoxin toxicity is anything else however relaxing. In case you have been feeling any mixture of the above signs, and you’re feeling such as you’ve “attempted the whole thing” to are living a wholesome way of life, akin to bettering your intestine well being, bettering the standard of your nutrition, including wholesome ranges of workout and motion into your day, it may well be time to discover a mycotoxin check. 

What can Purpose Mildew Toxicity?

Damp Environments

Have you learnt of water injury that has taken position in your house? Perhaps a flooded basement or leaking drain that you simply assume used to be already “treated”? Or possibly you’re employed in a 100-year-old warehouse that “feels musty.”

Those are questions to begin asking of yourself if you’re unwell of coping with the indications indexed above and feature performed ALL THE THINGS to get wholesome. Mildew enlargement is much more likely in damp or humid environments. Constructions with water leaks, top humidity, or deficient air flow can create the easiest stipulations for mildew to develop. 

A mycotoxin check may well be what solutions your prayer.

Sensitivity and Genetics

Some people may well be extra delicate to mildew and mycotoxin publicity because of genetic components or preexisting well being stipulations

Genetic variations in how the frame processes mycotoxins or detoxifies toxins may doubtlessly play a job in why two other folks dwelling in the similar moldy area will have very other particular person responses.

Publicity Period

If you happen to’re questioning how lengthy mycotoxins keep within the frame, the solution relies. It is dependent upon how lengthy you’ve been dwelling in a moldy atmosphere and the way lengthy you’ve been running to take away them. Relying on how lengthy the mycotoxins had been for your frame will affect the depth and quantity of your mycotoxin signs and the accuracy of the mycotoxin check.

How Do You Get Examined for Mycotoxins?

Checking out for mildew and trying out for mycotoxins are 2 various things.

Checking out for mildew most often refers to trying out the surroundings for bodily mildew, akin to an administrative center development or house. While trying out for mycotoxins is trying out for the poisonous byproducts of mildew within the frame. 

The mildew itself isn’t at all times an issue! This is a customary a part of the environment, however it’s when the mould produces poisonous mycotoxins that folks get uncovered to long-term the place issues pass awry. 

Lately, this submit will focal point on methods to check for mildew toxicity thru a mycotoxin check. 

There are a number of ways in which mildew toxicity is examined, however the commonest manner they’re examined for within the frame is thru urine trying out.

What’s the BEST Mycotoxin Take a look at 

Urine Checking out

When making an allowance for methods to check for mildew toxicity, urine trying out will have to be on the best of your listing as it’s non-invasive and essentially the most solid possibility.

Urine trying out for mycotoxins is finished the usage of quite a lot of strategies, which were connected with increased urinary mycotoxins in sufferers with suspected mildew malady. [6] 

Some corporations use ELISA, a extremely delicate detection manner that goals to come across and quantify explicit mycotoxins akin to Ochratoxin A, Aflatoxin, Trichothecene, Gliotoxin, and Zearalenone and their metabolites within the urine. Some corporations will use mass spectrometry however will nonetheless be detecting an identical mildew species.

Let’s speak about probably the most highest mycotoxin checks to be had available on the market.

Famend skilled and creator of the e-book Mildew and Mycotoxins Niel Nathan, who has been a pivotal contributor to the analysis and remedy of mycotoxin toxicity, prefers RealTime Laboratories and Mosaic Diagnostics (previously referred to as Nice Plains Laboratory). 

RealTime Laboratories

The Mycotoxin Panel from Realtime Labs checks for 16 other mycotoxins the usage of ELISA, a extremely delicate detection manner that makes use of antibodies ready towards mycotoxins. 

One thing distinctive to RealTime Laboratories is that they’re probably the most most effective labs within the U.S. that checks for Macrocyclic Trichothecenes, which were confirmed to be brought about by means of Stachybotrys, another way referred to as “Black Mildew.”

A be aware about urine mycotoxin trying out with RealTime is that the usage of one thing to “galvanize” the mould is very important. A frightening agent akin to liposomal glutathione 500 mg taken 1-2 instances in line with day can be utilized for every week previous to the urine assortment to mobilize the mycotoxins can lend a hand make stronger accuracy by means of ensuring they display up within the urine. Different the best way to mobilize mycotoxins come with workout, warmth publicity akin to thru a heat bathtub, and dry brushing.

RealTime is a one of the best trying out corporate for a urine mycotoxin check.

Mosaic Diagnostics

Not like Realtime Labs, which makes use of semi-quantitative aggressive ELISA, Mosaic Diagnostics makes use of mass spectrometry to spot mycotoxins within the urine, which is used to provide fewer false sure effects.

This sort of era can come across mycotoxins at very low ranges. 

The MycoTOX Profile from Mosaic Diagnostics checks for 41 species of mildew and proves to be so delicate that it even accounts for diversifications in fluid consumption. Correct and dependable effects are what you’ll be able to be expecting from this corporate!

In 2023 Nice Planes Labs modified their identify and emblem to Mosaic Diagnostics to replicate that they’re a world corporate providing quite a lot of services and products to care for a persons’ all encompassing well being. So, should you listen that “GPL” or Nice Planes Labs provides the most productive mycotoxin check, simply know that is now relating to Mosaic Diagnostics.

*Necessary be aware: Mycotoxin trying out, particularly when the usage of a frightening manner, will have to most effective be performed below the advice and supervision of a certified healthcare skilled. If you happen to assume mycotoxin trying out is one thing which you can have the benefit of, we provide a 👉unfastened 15-minute telephone name👈 to potential shoppers who’re enthusiastic about their well being and dedicated to attaining feeling their highest. We’ve helped numerous shoppers conquer mildew toxicity signs with some seeing leads to as low as 1 week. It’s worthwhile to be our subsequent good fortune tale!💃

What You Mosaic Diagnostics Take a look at Effects Would possibly Glance Like

Are you curious about figuring out what your mycotoxin trying out effects might appear to be?

Here’s a actual screenshot from one in all our co-founders, Michael, who suffered from mildew toxicity after a number of roof leaks of their townhome brought about unseen mildew to increase for a number of years.

Mycotoxin testing results and bar graphs for a client with mold toxicity using the best mycotoxin test by Mosaic Diagnostics.

We’re satisfied to mention that with correct remedy, the degrees of Ochratoxin A and Mycophenolic Acid went all the way down to 0!

Does Mildew Toxicity Display up in Bloodwork?

Now not most effective do mycotoxins display up within the urine, however blood checks will also be used as a mycotoxin check by means of measuring anti-mold antibodies. It may let you know how your frame is recently reacting to mycotoxins by means of measuring markers of immune gadget reactivity.

When signs develop into persistent, blood checks are ceaselessly step one taken by means of docs to spot publicity, although it may be tricky for sufferers to recommend for this check to be run. 

Those blood antibodies had been proven to be increased in people uncovered to mildew. [7,8] 

So will have to you get a blood check over a urine check? We might no longer counsel this…

The accuracy of blood trying out has been wondered, and the willingness of physicians to reserve mildew trying out for sufferers is also more difficult to procure. We might argue that running with a certified practical drugs practitioner who can make the most of urine mycotoxin trying out is how you can pass! 

How A lot do the Easiest Mycotoxin Take a look at price?

At this level, you’ll be extremely making an allowance for a mycotoxin check, however possibly you’re intimidated by means of the price…

Pricing for mycotoxin trying out can vary from $250-$500 relying at the corporate and whether or not it’s ordered by means of YOU vs. a practitioner. 

Whilst this will look like a pricey enterprise, it may well be value getting a solution for your signs and averting spending loads of hundreds extra greenbacks on dietary supplements, detoxes, nutrition systems, and extra. 


If you don’t really feel able to leap to mycotoxin trying out according to the associated fee, we suggest first exploring different choices. Many signs skilled by means of the ones coping with mycotoxin toxicity also are brought about by means of an bad way of life, an inflammatory nutrition, and imbalances within the intestine. Operating on nutritional and way of life adjustments akin to switching to mildew unfastened espresso manufacturers is ceaselessly a great spot to begin. Cleansing up the overload of poisons your frame encounters will have a dramatic get advantages.

Alternative ways to paintings on naturally overcoming mildew toxicity with out trying out come with bettering adrenal serve as and therapeutic your leaky intestine. A more healthy way of life with decrease pressure and a powerful intestine might make stronger or utterly unravel most of the signs you’re coping with.  

Optimistically, you’re feeling smartly versed in mycotoxin trying out and really feel assured in whether or not this would observe for your explicit well being considerations. Checking out for mycotoxin toxicity with a mycotoxin check is also the lacking hyperlink in reversing your undesirable signs for excellent! If you wish to determine in case you have mildew toxicity of mycotoxins, you’ll be able to time table your FREE name lately and paintings one-on-one with one in all our dietitians to steer you throughout the procedure! 


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