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What to anticipate on Meet Day- Section 1 – Ladies Who Powerlift

What to expect on Meet Day- Part 1

Written by way of: Ivy Knight, USPA Nationwide Referee

You signed up for the meet, you educated and prepped, and also you honed in for your method. You probably did the paintings and now it’s the day earlier than your meet. It’s 9 am and also you stroll into the positioning. You line up with a number of alternative lifters whilst the refs are seated at a desk.

You’re subsequent in line. 

You give them your title. After which they ask on your driving force’s license and your federation club card. They ascertain your age, your magnificence, your department, and your occasions. 

Elegance– your age team. Open, JR, Submaster, or Grasp

Department– Uncooked, Vintage Uncooked, Unmarried Ply or Multi-Ply

Match– Complete Energy (all 3 lifts), Bench press best, Deadlift best or Push-pull (bench and deadlifts best)

Now the ref asks you to take out the whole thing you are going to put on at the platform:


Deadlift socks


Sneakers (all that you simply plan to put on at the platform)

Knee sleeves (for those who put on them)

Wrist wraps (for those who put on them)



… and a couple of different issues relying at the federation you’re competing in. 

The ref will be expecting them to be sure that they observe the specifications and dimensions.

As soon as the whole thing is looked at you’ll wait to be known as as much as get weighed in. 

You’re all weighed in and it’s time to devour some meals and get some relaxation. 

It’s MEET DAY!!!!!! 



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