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Will have to you be dressed in a Lifting Belt? – Women Who Powerlift

Written by means of Ashley Pollard

Lifting belts are a kind of gear that may be helpful however lifters incessantly surprise once they must get started using one.

Actually, it relies!

In case you are questioning in case you must take a look at a belt, you almost certainly must alternatively right here are a few things to bear in mind.

Your belt isn’t your core.

It’s important to stay strengthening your core, despite the fact that you make a decision to make use of a belt.

Your belt must no longer be used always. Heat-ups and lighter* weight lifts must be completed with out. Seek the advice of your trainer in case you are undecided which lifts must be completed with/with no belt.

A belt is solely a device that can assist you interact and fortify your core throughout heavy lifts.



The suitable belt for you will depend on your objectives, sport-specific actions & any doable laws.

There are 3 other types:

There also are other sizes & thicknesses

The thickness of the belt relies on what you are the usage of it for.

Ceaselessly, a thicker belt (10 or 13mm) will be offering extra stress of the backbone, which is recommended throughout heavier lifts and in sports activities like powerlifting however can simply intrude with extra dynamic lifts, like in Olympic lifting.

Do not make investments a ton of cash straight away.

In case you are undecided of which belt to get, ask other folks on your gymnasium to take a look at on their belts & see what you favor.

You’ll be able to additionally make a choice the width of the belt.

3-inch or 4-inches

A 4-inch belt generally works easiest for many, alternatively, for the ones with a shorter torso, a 3-inch belt is healthier suited to permit sufficient room between their pelvis & torso.

When selecting the proper tightness, measurement, or notch, a excellent rule of thumb is that you just must be capable of get your hand between your abdominal and the belt.


Take your belt off proper after every set. Your belt isn’t intended to carry your again in combination 

during all your consultation. It must be uncomfortable!

Retailer your belt correctly after every use by means of striking it up or laying it flat someplace the place air can get to both sides of the belt, so it doesn’t warp or crack with age.

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